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Top 10 Tips For Airbnb Hosts In 2024


5. Familiarize Yourself with Updated Airbnb Settings

Airbnb’s interface changes can impact how hosts manage their listings. The video points out, “Airbnb moved some settings…your pricing and availability settings are now on the listing’s calendar.” Adapting to these changes is essential for efficient listing management.

6. Regularly Check Your Listing as a Traveler

Understanding your listing’s online presence is vital. The video advises hosts to search for their listing as a traveler would. This perspective helps identify how your listing compares with competitors. You can gain insight into what improvements can be made to enhance visibility and appeal.

I believe there are a lot of software tools outside of Airbnb where you could do a better job researching this. I will be covering those in an upcoming training I will be releasing. You should look at your top competitors frequently. I recently looked at my top competitors in Big Bear California. The quality of those rentals is much higher than what you were seeing back in 2019.

You need to continuously work on improving your property and listing if you want to stay on top.

7. Know Your Market and Adjust Accordingly

Market awareness is crucial for pricing strategy. The video emphasizes, “You need to know when the events are, where the events are, and what your seasonality is.” This knowledge allows hosts to optimize pricing based on demand fluctuations.

Some tools can help with this as well. For example, one pricing tool I use has an advanced feature to help with this. However, you need to email them to turn it on. It will not be on by default. I will be covering this in an upcoming training as well.

8. Invest in Quality Photography

The impact of high-quality photos cannot be overstated. “Six out of every 10 guests skip right to the photos.” the video notes, underscoring the importance of professional, well-composed images in attracting bookings.

I would also argue this is why you need to caption all your photos. By captioning your photos, you can sell your listing even further. You get a chance to tell the story of your listing with both images and, words.

9. Understand the Implications of API Connections

This is for hosts using channel managers or other API-connected tools. It’s important to understand the limitations involved with the software you use. The video warns, “API connections come with restrictions…if your software breaks, it affects the experience of a guest, and Airbnb cancels on your behalf, they will still charge you.”

I’ve been using a popular property management software for quite some time now. Awhile back they started having an issue with checkout times. My normal checkout is 4:00 pm. The software changed this without me knowing it to 3 pm. The way I found out was a guest showing up to the house at 3:00. They wanted access to the property and I could not give it to them. The cleaners hadn’t finished cleaning yet. So be careful.

10. Growth Through Experience

Finally, the video encourages hosts to grow their business through experience in 2024. “Everything that I’ve learned, every tip I’ve ever given you, every cool thing I’ve ever done has been through experience,” it states. This growth mindset is key to adapting and thriving in the dynamic Airbnb marketplace. Focus on continous improvement. You can read articles, watch videos like this one and, join Facebook Groups like Vacation Masters. Make sure you learn and improve in 2024

These 10 tips provide a roadmap for you to navigate the opportunities of the upcoming year. By staying informed, adapting to changes, understanding the market, and focusing on guest experience, you can enhance your success in 2024. Watch the video below.

Johnny Yakubik
Johnny Yakubikhttps://vacationmasters.com
Johnny Yakubik is a short-term rental expert and, the editor of Vacation Masters. Vacation Masters is a platform that helps short-term rental hosts optimize their income. Johnny is an 18X Superhost and served as an Airbnb Ambassador in 2021 and, 2022. He also owned and ran a property management company, Big Bear On Demand in California. Johnny continues to manage properties he owns in California and, Hawaii. He also does coaching and co-hosting for others. Johnny helps others succeed in short-term rentals with his experience and knowledge.


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