Curation Policy

Here at Vacation Masters, we are dedicated to providing valuable content to our readers. To achieve this, we often curate and feature content from exceptional sources across the internet.

The fundamental principle of the internet is based on sharing and recommending high-quality content from various web sources. Our curation process involves seeking out well-written, relevant material that will benefit our readers.

By selecting content from your website, we are endorsing it with our seal of approval. This means that we not only excerpt your content, but we also highly recommend it and encourage our readers to visit your website through direct links to your source material.

Our curation efforts are designed to drive new visitors to your site, exposing them to your exceptional content.

We have curated your content because it stood out in some way.

If you prefer that we do not curate content from your website, kindly reach out to us and request the removal of your story.

We will promptly honor your request and add your site to our list of sources never to be excerpted from.

Most publishers and websites are delighted to receive additional exposure and a broader readership for their content as a result of our curation.

Curation Policy:

The majority of online publishers recognize the value of having their articles and stories:

  • Quoted
  • Commented on
  • Debated
  • Discussed
  • Linked to
  • Exposed to new readers

Sharing good content on social platforms extends its reach, impact, and ultimately benefits the original publisher’s website in terms of traffic and profitability.

By excerpting your content, we aim to inform our visitors and direct them to the original source of the excerpt.

We want our readers to discover and visit your content and website. It is our desire that you are more than satisfied with our usage, quotation, or reference to your content.

While “Fair Use” standards and practices are still evolving online, we strive to maintain higher standards than what is strictly legally required. We aim for “elated Use.”

If you are not elated to have your content excerpted and linked by our site, please let us know, and we will swiftly address the situation.

We excerpt your content in the same way we hope others will curate ours.

If you find a story on our site that you appreciate, feel free to excerpt it generously. In return, we simply ask for proper credit, a link back to the original page on our site, and some encouragement for interested readers to visit our original webpage.

Please take as much of our content as you believe your readers will enjoy. Just remember to provide clear credit, link back, and encourage the reader to visit the original site.

That is our approach. That is what has contributed to the growth of the internet. That is the essence of social sharing. Everyone benefits when content is shared following this policy.

Most importantly…

Standards for sharing, curation, and excerpting are continuously evolving online. Our standards may differ from yours.

If you would like us to be even more generous with links and credit, please inform us. If you feel that too much of your content has been excerpted, kindly let us know.

We will promptly make the necessary adjustments.

If you have any questions regarding the policies outlined here, please use our contact form.

Additionally, we welcome user-generated content on our website. We kindly request that our website users also adhere to these curation guidelines, but please note that we cannot monitor each and every submission.

If you are a copyright owner and would like material removed from our site, please refer to our DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) policy and follow the provided takedown procedure.