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How to Build Trust with Guests

Trust Marketing for Increased Bookings, Positive Reviews, and Repeat Business


I use a software named Hospitable to do auto messaging for all my guests. I use a software called Ownerrez to manage my properties but, I only send a handful of messages from there. I don’t believe Ownererz can match the messaging capabilities of Hospitable yet. That is why I use both.

Recently they have integrated direct booking into Hospitable. I don’t use this feature but, I watched their “Masterclass” on direct bookings. I found the video very interesting.

The popularity of Short Term rentals has led to an increase in fraudulent bookings. Guests are vulnerable to scams and as hosts, we face people afraid of booking direct. Building credibility and trust with guests has become critical for vacation rental businesses.

In this article, I want to talk about the importance of trust marketing in vacation rentals. I want to talk about how it can help build credibility and trust with guests.


Trust marketing focuses on building trust and credibility with potential customers. Guests entrust hosts with their money, safety, and well-being during their stay. It is important for hosts to establish themselves as trustworthy and credible. Hosts that build trust that a guest will have a safe and comfortable stay have a marketing advantage.

In the video, Chris Maughan from I-PRAC talked about a family that was scammed. The family booked a fraudulent rental property and, lost over $18,000 dollars. They were left stranded at the airport with their suitcases.

I run a Facebook Page for Vacation Rentals By Owners in Big Bear California. I’ve seen the same thing happen there. Someone booked a fraudulent rental property and they were stranded in Big Bear with no place to stay. That’s the reason the OTA’s are so popular. They guarantee the guests’ bookings so they don’t have to be afraid.

I-PRAC is a certification system for hosts. iPRAC’s certification process ensures that legitimate operators and property managers are verified. That helps give guests confidence in booking directly. They vet owners before allowing them into their certification and, 100% guarantee bookings. If the guest were to be scammed like the stories above they would be able to get a 100% refund from I-PRAC.


Building trust with guests requires a multi-faceted approach. Trust marketing is not just about marketing your rental property. It’s also about marketing your brand and business. Here are a few key strategies for building trust with guests:


The first no-brainer is guest reviews. Guest reviews are a powerful tool for building trust with potential guests. They provide valuable insights into the guest experience. They help assure guests they are making a good choice when booking a particular property. It’s important to use guest reviews as a marketing tool. Display them prominently on your website, social media channels, and other marketing materials. Potential guests are more likely to book with a property that has positive reviews. Make sure that you are showcasing your best feedback.


Build a professional website. A professional website for your rental property can help establish trust. Make sure to include high-quality photos, descriptions, and customer reviews on your website.


The easiest way that all of us use are the booking platforms. Using a trusted booking platform like Airbnb, or VRBO can establish trust. Guests use the platforms because they have a reputation for providing a safe booking experience. There are tools you can use like Stayfi during a guest’s stay to collect their emails. Then you could follow up since they’ve already experienced a great stay with you. I will write an entire article about this in the future.


Providing detailed information about your property can help build trust with guests. Things like check-in procedures, house rules, and emergency contacts, can help build trust. It demonstrates that you are a responsible and reliable host. I have both a video tour and, a 3D virtual tour of my properties for potential guests. These extra steps to make you stand out. They show professionalism and provide more credibility.


Being responsive to guests can help build trust. It shows your commitment to providing a positive experience. Respond promptly to guest inquiries and be proactive in communicating.


You could also get certified. The cost is about $250 per year with I-PRAC. Getting certified by iPRAC can help provide guests with the confidence to book directly with you. Certification systems verify legitimate operators and property managers. You can advertise that fact on your direct booking site.


Building trust with trust marketing can have a significant impact on your success. Here are a few key benefits:


Building trust with guests can lead to increased booking. Guests are more likely to book with hosts they trust.


Trust marketing can lead to positive reviews, which can help attract more bookings.


Building trust with guests can lead to repeat business. Guests are more likely to return to hosts they trust for future vacations.


Establishing yourself as trustworthy can provide a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

Building trust and credibility with guests is critical in the vacation rental industry. Trust marketing is a key strategy for building trust.

You can watch the entire YouTube video below.

Johnny Yakubik
Johnny Yakubikhttps://vacationmasters.com
Johnny Yakubik is a short-term rental expert and, the editor of Vacation Masters. Vacation Masters is a platform that helps short-term rental hosts optimize their income. Johnny is an 18X Superhost and served as an Airbnb Ambassador in 2021 and, 2022. He also owned and ran a property management company, Big Bear On Demand in California. Johnny continues to manage properties he owns in California and, Hawaii. He also does coaching and co-hosting for others. Johnny helps others succeed in short-term rentals with his experience and knowledge.


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